Investor Education

The Case for Active Management – A Look Beyond the Headlines Download

The little-known cyclical nature of active/passive leadership, environments favoring active management, attributes of outperforming managers, and the attractive record of our 5 equity funds

Investing in International Equities (Whitepaper) Download

Why international stocks look attractive, why active management beats passive internationally, long term themes driving international returns.

Global Market Overview and Investment Themes Download

Our PMs on global markets and themes presenting the strongest investor opportunities

Infographic series: The Wisdom of Great Investors View

Timeless principles that have guided some of history's most successful investors, including Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, Charlie Munger, and others.

Wisdom of Great Investors: The Quotes View

Insights from Buffett, Graham, Lynch and others on investor behavior that may improve returns.

Wisdom of Great Investors: The Quotes (pdf resource) Download

Insights from Buffett, Graham, Lynch and others on investor behavior that may improve returns.

The $1000 Hot Dog – Barron’s article View

Chris Davis tells Barron’s about the powerful lesson his grandfather taught him about thrift, financial independence and the miracle of compounding.

Wisdom of Great Investors: Keep Your Emotions in Check Download How an investor can compound wealth more successfully by remaining disciplined.
Wisdom of Great Investors: A Market Correction is an Opportunity Download Warren Buffett on why market downturns can be good for long-term investors.
Wisdom of Great Investors: Markets Fluctuate. Stay the Course. Download The inevitable swings of the market each and every year, and why the patient, disciplined investor can reap the biggest rewards.
A Conversation with
Chris Davis

PM Chris Davis on strategies that can help every investor to become more successful.

Timeless Wisdom for Creating Long Term Wealth Download This resource shares three crucial insights to help investors successfully navigate today's market.
Fortune Magazine – Warren Buffett: “Why stocks beat gold and bonds” Download Warren Buffett on the real danger of investments commonly thought of as “safe”, and why “productive assets” like equities offer a much better chance of maintaining purchasing power (compounding wealth after taxes and inflation).
Breakpoints - How To Reduce Your Sales Charge On Class A Shares View

A guide to reducing the sales charge applied to purchases of Class A shares.

How to Read Mutual Fund Advertisements Describing Total Return Download

This hypothetical advertisement helps investors read mutual fund ads with a critical eye. (Copyright © 2003 by the Investment Company Institute)

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