Our highly selective portfolio of durable companies with attractive growth – at a greater than 40% discount to the S&P500 – may be a viable compliment or alternative to index positions


Danton Goei: The New York Venture and it's also representative, I think, in general of our overall large cap strategy you see here, that basically our portfolio looks nothing like the index. Even when there is overlap, the weightings are wildly different, which drives that very high active share. In the short term, you can have being out of sync and not lockstep with the market, but as Chris has showed in his previous slides, that over time we've been able to generate out performance and value add over time. That's really what this is about. It's choosing the companies where there is a real opportunity.
Just again, selectivity, valuation and the fact that they have really good long-term growth opportunities, that's really what we're focused on.

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